3 Incredible Survival Stories from Shared By Our Patients

There are just a couple of instances in life that leave a permanent mark on us. One such unforgettable situation is when you get diagnosed with cancer. Hope, faith, and a strong community of support are what helps cancer patients go through difficult times. Hearing about the survival stories of those who have beaten the disease can also be a great motivation source.

February is Cancer Prevention Awareness Month, a trademark month for cancer patients and cancer survivors, and everyone else who is willing to unite to create awareness and face one of the world’s biggest health issues. It’s important to join forces to raise worldwide awareness and inspire people to reimagine a world where preventable cancer deaths are a reality. To celebrate this important month, TBRO invites you to read a couple of positive messages of hope from our cancer warriors:

1. Alan Grofe – Prostate Cancer Warrior

Alan Grofe was 71 when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. The diagnosis came as a shock to Alan, who thought he had a healthy and active lifestyle. Every year he would monitor his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels, but in 2012, when he noticed it was on the rise, he took matters into his own hands. Despite his doctors’ advice to wait for some time, he decided to have a biopsy. The results showed that he indeed had cancer.

Alan’s research for the best treatment led him to TBRO and the treatment via CyberKnife. He contacted Dr. Steel and soon got a green light for the treatment. After only five sessions and some time for the radiation to take effect, he was declared cancer-free and has been ever since.

2. Tony Lubrano – Lung Cancer Warrior

When Tony was diagnosed with cancer, he was a fit and healthy man in his mid-fifties. However, after seeing a doctor for intense shoulder pain and getting an MRI, he received the results – it was lung cancer. Tony remembered that his sister-in-law always praised the doctors and other staff in TBRO, where she worked as a nurse, so he felt that TBRO was a natural choice. Today, Tony is a healthy man who is celebrating ten years of being cancer-free.

3. Kim Washington – Breast Cancer Warrior

When Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to face it head-on. She turned to the TBRO team of professionals and went through all prescribed treatments. What made this otherwise unpleasant situation bearable was a friendly staff that always made her feel comfortable and tried to put a smile on her face. As she came to the end of her treatments, Kim says she realized she would miss seeing the TBRO team every day. “Not the treatments, you understand,” she laughs, “but the people.” They’ve become dear to her, a vital part of her cancer journey. “They made me feel good about myself.”

We encourage you to be attentive to your body and, if you notice any changes or anything abnormal, immediately contact your doctor. Prevention starts with self-awareness!

More than a thousand men and women diagnosed with cancer each year turn to our trusted team of cancer specialists. We encourage you to call us, ask us a question, or consult with us to get a second opinion so you, too, can beat cancer.