3 Top Apps for Tracking, Fighting and Beating Cancer

In today’s digital age, there are apps for everything, and the same is true for cancer patients and their families. The apps we found for you are designed to help you get all the information you might need about the disease you or your loved one is facing.

BELONG – Beating Cancer Together

Belong is an excellent app for both cancer patients and their family members. It’s designed to mimic a social media platform – but one for cancer patients.

The app can help you find the right support groups for almost all types of cancers. It will also give you access to leading researchers who are there to answer all the questions a cancer patient or their family members might have.

The app also helps people find clinical trials for most types of cancers and lets you input medical records, which can then be shared with family members and medical personnel.

It’s available for both Android and iOS users, and it has a near-perfect score on both platforms and more than 100,000 downloads. All in all, with so many features, positive sentiments, and the fact that it’s free, it’s certainly worth checking out.

Cancer.Net Mobile

Cancer.Net Mobile is an app from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). It was developed to help people plan and manage care. Starting from the diagnosis of cancer, through exact treatment methods, and further, the app has proven to be a beneficial tool for many patients.

The app continually keeps track of your symptoms, medications, appointments, questions, and healthcare providers. There are a lot of features that are there to help cancer patients organize their life with the disease and find the answers they need for more than 120 different types of cancer.

The app is entirely free and can be used on both iOS and Android phones. It has been downloaded thousands of times and has a great score on both the app store and google play store.


The most popular of the three, CareZone, is another organizational app that will help you plan your care notes, remember treatments, set reminders, summarize your drug administration protocols, and more.

You can also take pictures of medications, supplements, prescriptions, and keep it all organized in one place, so you never forget when and what you need to take.

CareZone is a full-blown health app as well as it lets you track essential health stats like sleep, blood glucose, weight, and more.

The best thing about CareZone is the fact that all of the information in the app can also be accessed on a browser and downloaded when needed. You can get the app on both the App Store and Google Play Store – it has a very high score on both platforms and more than a million downloads.

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