CyberKnife Technology: Alan Grofe’s Amazing Recovery Story

Alan Grofe was a healthy and active 71-year-old when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. The diagnosis came as a shock because he monitored his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels every year at his routine doctor visits.

Despite his doctor’s advice that he should wait since he was otherwise healthy, Alan decided to have a biopsy. When the results showed that it was indeed cancer, Alan immediately started researching various treatment methods, which finally led him to the CyberKnife procedure at TBRO. He decided on this treatment because of its low risk and other benefits.

Dr. Steel was Alan’s doctor of choice for his early advocacy of the CyberKnife treatment, education, and years of experience.  After 253 radiation beams of treatment, he was declared cancer-free and has been ever since. Nevertheless, he gets regular checkups and closely monitors his PSA levels.

Alan encourages others to become more aggressive about their health, saying: “People have a false security when they receive feedback but don’t do anything about the issue. And when you wait, it’s too late!” He adds that the key is to stay positive. For him, the actual treatment was quite fascinating.

Alan is now enjoying life, spending time with his family and friends, playing tennis, and running. He recently competed in the Florida Senior Games 5K race and took the bronze medal in his age group. He is now qualified for the 5K at the National Senior Games in November 2021 and says: “I can’t wait!”

What is Cyberknife Treatment?

CyberKnife radiation therapy is a comprehensive, non-invasive cancer treatment for different types of cancer. It destroys tumors and cancers while leaving normal tissues and cells healthy. While its name calls to mind procedures that involve scalpels and surgery, the CyberKnife treatment is actually a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgery for the treatment of both benign and malignant tumors anywhere in the body.

How Does CyberKnife Work?

CyberKnife treats cancers in the brain, prostate, lung, liver, spine, kidney, and pancreas. The treatment consists of beams of high dose radiation directed to tumors with extreme accuracy. CyberKnife radiation therapy provides new hope to patients all over the world because it can treat inoperable, metastatic, and recurrent tumors.

CyberKnife treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, with every treatment lasting between 30 to 90 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the size of the tumor, location, and shape. But usually, one to five daily sessions are needed. Treatment allows the patient to comfortably lie on the table without anesthesia while the robotic arm moves to treat tumor. The robotic hand never touches the patient. Due to its low risk of complications and damage to healthy tissue, recovery is typically immediate.

More than a thousand men and women diagnosed with cancer each year turn to our trusted team of cancer specialists. We encourage you to call us, ask us a question, or consult with us to get a second opinion so you, too, can experience the difference.