Finding Healing and Hope – 5 Ways to Stay Positive During Cancer Treatment

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it can feel like your world has been turned upside down. You have to deal with the fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead. You may worry about treatments and breaking the news to your loved ones. It is natural to become overwhelmed as you navigate through your emotions during this time. However, it is important to find ways to stay positive and hopeful. You are not alone. There are many people who have gone through cancer treatment and come out the other side stronger than ever. There is always hope. 

Each year, the first Wednesday of April is the Day of Hope, serving as a reminder to never give up or lose the motivation to fight. Here are five ways to stay positive during your cancer journey and treatment: 

  1. Set small goals 

Having something to look forward to can help you stay positive during cancer treatment. Set small goals for yourself and work towards them each day. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated. Celebrate milestones by rewarding yourself. Some small goals to consider could be learning a new language, increasing daily walking time, or finishing a home project that you have been putting off. 

  1. Avoid toxic thoughts and behavior 

Positivity is key during cancer treatment. Remember that healing is holistic. When you are feeling down, take some time and do something that makes you happy. Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. You may find this with family and friends or you may discover this in support groups. Remove yourself from negative environments, which may involve letting go of toxic relationships. 

  1. Give back 

The Day of Hope reminds us that we are not the only ones struggling with a cancer diagnosis. Promote hope in yourself by spreading positivity to others. Donate to families in need or volunteer your time at a children’s hospital. 

  1. Stay organized 

A cancer diagnosis may seem out of your control, especially if treatment outcomes are uncertain. Rather than give in to despair and give up all future plans, gain control of what you can. Declutter your environment. This will help clear your mind. Eliminate stress and focus on your healing by ensuring all your treatment records, personal information, and doctor contact details are readily available. Have your treatment schedule and other appointments somewhere you can easily view them. 

  1. Focus on the present 

One of the best ways to stay positive is to focus on the present. Worrying will only make you more anxious and stressed. It will not contribute to your healing. Practice gratitude by living in the moment and being thankful for what you currently have. Engage in the hobbies you enjoy. Spend time with the people you love. 

At Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology, more than a thousand men and women diagnosed with cancer each year turn to our trusted team of cancer specialists. We encourage you to call us, ask us a question, or consult with us to get a second opinion so you, too, can experience the difference.