How Cyberknife Can Help Beat Cancer

A cancer diagnosis of any type is a real shock to the system. Upon hearing the news, patients are often flooded with emotions and concern for themselves and their loved ones.

When the emotions subside, questions often remain. First and foremost, patients want to know about their options. How will they fight cancer? And, most importantly, how will they beat it?

Options abound for cancer treatments, but each type responds best to certain types of therapies. Once a patient knows the kind of cancer she has, she can plan a course of action with her oncologist.

For many types of cancers, traditional radiosurgery systems and radiation treatments have been the norm. However, these systems have their problems:

  • They don’t always help
  • They can be expensive
  • They tend to limit the patient’s quality of life

Thankfully, that’s all changing, thanks to the next generation of treatment options like the CyberKnife system that improves the treatment of this devastating disease.

The Benefits of the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System

Traditional radiosurgery methods tend to have limited mobility. They also require the use of frames that need to be attached to the patient’s head to target the tumor efficiently. That limits the system’s ability to treat tumors outside of the brain.

The CyberKnife System does not have the same issue. It’s much more flexible and can treat tumors throughout the body from different directions. Besides offering a more extensive range of treatment, such a system also minimizes the radiation dose that is delivered to healthy tissue and organs in the body – which effectively means a lesser effect on the quality of life during treatment.

This revolutionary system combines continual image-guidance technology and a linear accelerator that moves in accordance with the plan of treatment.

Additionally, the CyberKnife system requires no anesthesia. It also allows for the treatment of patients who were previously unable to receive radiation treatment or were not suitable candidates for surgery. These patients will also be subject to fewer risks and complications that are otherwise more common with traditional treatment options.

This revolutionary method of treatment has so far been brought to more than 50,000 cancer patients worldwide, and the system has been installed in more than 150 locations. The robotic technology behind the CyberKnife system will only continue to improve and help more cancer patients across the globe.

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