Making Sunscreen a Daily Habit

You understand the wisdom behind using sunscreen every day. But you just can’t make it a habit, right? You’re not alone.

Let’s break down the steps for making your sunscreen as automatic as brushing your teeth.

Why Daily Sunscreen Is Essential

The first step to forming a habit of using sunscreen is to understand why it’s essential. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays, prevents premature aging and, most importantly, lowers your risk for skin cancer.

Using sunscreen also helps prevent the sunburns that lead to red, painful skin, sleepless nights, itching and peeling and, in the worst cases, the blistering that puts you at risk of skin cancer.

Sunscreen also protects your skin’s essential proteins—the elastin, keratin and collagen that are key to maintaining healthy, smooth skin.

In our book, each of these factors is a good enough “why” for daily sunscreen.

Consider Skin Care Products with SPF Built-In

Find skin care products with SPF protection built right in to save yourself the time and mental energy of managing multiple applications. Moisturizers, lip balms, anti-aging formulations and even foundations and mineral powders are readily available with UVA and UVB protective factors. That way, every time you apply moisturizer or lip balm, you’re applying sunscreen too!

Your Future Self Will Thank You

The final step is to stay determined. One of the reasons we abandon a new habit is that we don’t see results. You may not see a radical change in your skin now, but over time you will look younger with supple, glowing skin — and lower your risk of skin cancer.

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