Simple Health Checks Save Lives: TBRO Survivors’ Stories

Any number of cancers can be caught early, thanks to regular self-checks, but self-awareness and observations by those who know us best can also be a great help in detecting health issues, up to and including tumors and cancers.

Here are stories of how some of our CyberKnife patients first noticed that something serious might be going on with their bodies.


Donald’s children noticed that when he watched TV, the sound had to be turned up very loud. Since he had a family history of deafness, Donald made an appointment with his doctor. They did a routine exam and found a tumor called an acoustic neuroma. David decided to try the CyberKnife treatment.

The hardest part, which wasn’t very bad at all according to Donald, was the wait to find out if the treatment was successful.

Initial follow up tests showed Donald’s tumor was shrinking, and they later showed that it was completely gone!


Sean’s parents noticed that when he was born, the corner of his right eye was puffy. By the time he was about six, the swelling was getting more serious, and others began to notice that something was wrong with his eye.

Sean’s doctors surgically removed the growth in his eye determined that it was a lymphatic malformation.

A few years later, his parents noticed swelling and bruising again in the corner of his upper right eyelid. Sean underwent CyberKnife treatment, and his parents noticed that his appearance started to change within a few weeks, and soon, Sean’s dad shares, “everything was back to normal.”


Mark remembers sitting in his apartment listening to music through headphones and finding that the right speaker didn’t sound right. He thought that the stereo was broken, and he’d have to buy a new one.

A few months later, Mark heard the birds outside his window. However, when he rolled over onto his other side, he noticed he couldn’t hear the chirping and that he could hear it again when his left ear was uncovered. This was when he realized something was off.

When Mark’s hearing hadn’t improved and he was also experiencing a “plugged up” feeling. He mentioned it to his physician, who scheduled an audiogram. The audiogram revealed that Mark had some hearing loss in the right ear.

When he asked for reasons, Mark said he got a variety of answers – from too much loud music to “just one of those things.” He wasn’t satisfied with those answers and still wondered about that “plugged” feeling. Maybe something in his head was causing it?

Two weeks after an MRI, he met with an Ear Nose and Throat physician and found out that he had an Acoustic Neuroma. He decided to undergo CyberKnife radiosurgery to treat the tumor. After his treatment, the doctors reviewed the results, his Acoustic Neuroma showed up as “dead” and has continued to shrink in size. Mark is very happy to be hearing better and losing that “plugged” sensation!

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