TBRO Super Heroes

Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology is home to the revolutionary CyberKnife System, which treats cancer with no anesthesia, no incision, no pain, no hospitalization and an immediate return to everyday activities. This non-invasive treatment can be used for both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors in many places in the body.

We consider each and every one of our patients TBRO Super Heroes, and here are some of their success stories.


In November 2008, Jeff was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. He was offered three choices for therapy: conventional radiation therapy, implanting radioactive seeds into the prostate or CyberKnife radiosurgery. Jeff chose CyberKnife radiosurgery.

He underwent five treatments for one week. Since there are minimal or no side effects with CyberKnife, Jeff was able to keep up his daily routine during the treatments, including daily golf rounds.

“The treatment was wonderful. No side effects, no problems, and now, per my urologist, no cancer,” said Jeff. Today, Jeff is completely cancer-free and is a hero by conquering his cancer.


Judith was diagnosed with stage IIIA lung cancer and got 12 rounds of chemotherapy, 23 days of radiation, and surgery to remove her right lung’s upper lobe. After the surgery, her lung had trouble sealing, which led to a 15-day hospitalization and one month of recovery at home. After that, some residual cancer was discovered that resulted in eight more rounds of chemotherapy.

Almost three years later, a recurrence of her cancer was found in a lymph node deep in the center of her chest. Since she had already received conventional radiation and undergone surgery, and since the location of the cancer now was close to vital structures in her chest, her thoracic surgeon suggested CyberKnife. The CyberKnife System can focus the radiation delivery directly on the tumor to avoid surrounding healthy tissue.

“The only thing I was nervous about was receiving more radiation since I had already received several rounds of conventional radiation. But I knew that the CyberKnife was precise in its radiation delivery and, therefore, wouldn’t kill any of my healthy surrounding lung tissue,” she said.

Judith underwent four outpatient sessions of CyberKnife treatment. She was thrilled by how easy the treatments were, especially compared to her experiences with conventional radiation and surgery.

“The first time around, it was an eight-month period of my life spent at the cancer center, so the second time, when I had the option to do four treatments over two weeks and be done, it was a no brainer,” said Judith.

“With the CyberKnife, there was no downtime, and I didn’t experience any side effects. During the treatments, I just lay comfortably on the treatment table and was able to watch the animal channel on a TV in the ceiling. It was a piece of cake.”

Immediately after her CyberKnife treatments, Judith was able to go on with her daily activities. Almost three years later, Judith has had no recurrences and is doing well. She is truly a hero for sharing her story!


An MRI discovered a nonmalignant tumor called schwannoma on a nerve on Joel’s brain. Although Joel’s tumor was not malignant, it was sitting on the sensory nerve that controls feeling to one part of the right side of his face. Joel’s doctor told him that surgery came with significant risks: If surgeons accidentally clipped the nerve, Joel could lose feeling forever. So he recommended treatment with the CyberKnife System.

While Joel was processing this news, doctors also discovered a blockage in his arteries and had to delay his treatment so that doctors could implant two stents. Shortly after the heart procedures, Joel was able to start CyberKnife treatment.

“The other treatment options didn’t sound as promising,” said Joel. “The CyberKnife not only carried fewer side effects, it also appeared to be the most effective.”

Joel used his half-hour CyberKnife treatments to relax and listen to his iPod. Throughout treatment, he also continued working at the University of South Florida; he’d finish with his CyberKnife treatment in the morning and then go into the office. He never experienced any discomfort or pain.

After his CyberKnife treatments, the numbness in his face began to fade. The MRIs show that Joel’s tumor has shrunk dramatically. Today, he has all the feeling on the right side of his face back and his taste buds are also working again. Joel is a hero for facing a tough villain with such strength.

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