The Culture of Care

Dear Dr “Jack”:

I hope you will accept this letter of heartfelt appreciation and share it with every member of your Staff. I am so grateful for meeting and having been treated by you, Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology and your CyberKnife group.

Following my diagnosis of cancer, I determined to research each of the recommended therapies via online and in-person consultations. My parameters were not only based upon length of treatments and severity of potential side effects but also seeking special care from knowledgeable professionals with credible systems and a proven track record.

Every member of your staff from receptionists, nurses, technicians, physicists and even your other physicians (not directly involved in my case) met me with genuine empathy. They volunteered their time, offering full explanation of the treatment plan, the amazing technology involved in its development and robotic direction, sharing even the digital images of my case. While it “ain’t pretty” it sure is impressive!

To me, of equal importance to the therapy and what sets you apart from others I consulted is what I describe as “the Culture of Care.” It’s clearly evidenced in your people and practice.

Yours very truly,


Volunteer Chairman
Charitable Airlift Meeting Medical & Humanitarian Needs