Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Those Affected By Cancer

Cancer is an awful, selfish disease. It slowly steals all the time, will, and excitement from the patients’ days. Couples battling cancer often get swept up in the appointments, treatments, and daily rituals that accompany this disease. While others are preparing for the day of romance and fun, cancer patients often feel like there’s no point in celebrating Valentine’s Day.

But it doesn’t have to be so! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and those with cancer deserve to spend it like everyone else – celebrating love, compassion, and care for one another. Don’t let this greedy disease take away the beauty of this holiday. Here are a couple of tips you can do to brighten up your Valentine’s Day:

1. Decorate – Whether your loved one is at home or the hospital, make sure to surround them with all the happy, beautiful decorations you can find. Make sure to cover as much space with hearts, cupids, and love cards as you can find.

2. Hugs and Kisses – Being intimate doesn’t have to involve intercourse exclusively. Kiss and hug your loved one for a good morning and good night. Hold hands, caress them. Tell them how much they mean to you. How beautiful and strong they are. These little things will truly lift their spirit.

3. Write them a Valentine’s Day Card – Think about the day you met your loved one and all the happy moments you have had since then. Write down your feelings. Genuine words of love are all that matters. But, don’t forget some tasty chocolate to accompany it.

4. Send Them a Balloon Bouquet – If your loved one is in the hospital, consider sending them a balloon bouquet instead of flowers. Some cancer patients in treatment can be sensitive to smells; balloons can be a safe, fun, festive alternative to flowers.

5. Have a Fancy Dinner at Home – You don’t have to go somewhere to have a romantic dinner. Some cancer patients might feel tired or uncomfortable going out, so put on some aprons and cook together something healthy you both love to eat. Light candles and play some romantic music to set a mood. You can even dress up!

6. Pamper Them – Cancer patients need and deserve a little relaxation. Make them a bubble bath with flowers and candles, put together a box of everything your loved one would need to spend a relaxing spa day and night at home. Get them a comfy pajama with socks, their favorite magazine or a romantic movie, their favorite snacks, nail polish, unscented creams and lotions, and a warm blanket.

7. Make Plans – Plan for a time when cancer is no longer in your life. This will help you have something to look forward to and get excited about. The goal is to visualize your future in a positive way.

At TBRO, we hope these tips help you enjoy your Valentine’s Day, but we encourage you to show your love and support all year long; these tips can attend your loved one any day.

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