What You Should Do When You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Focus on empowering yourself by knowing you have control over the therapy you get and the knowledge you gather about your disease. You can accept your cancer diagnosis without giving in to despair, which could reduce your wellbeing.

Steps to Make Your Life with Cancer More Manageable

Cancer brings emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges. But there are things you can do to make your life better:

  • The first phase is always shock. It’s completely normal, but you do not want to stay in this phase. Take control of the situation.
  • Start getting information about your specific cancer and the treatment options for it. Please do this at a comfortable pace; don’t rush into things, but don’t take your treatment lightly, either. More importantly, make sure the information you find is trustworthy and unbiased. Start with official sources like the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society.
  • Organize the information you gather. Create a notebook or folder with specific information, highlighting essential data like your doctors’ phone numbers, appointments, treatment guidelines and more. You can also use apps if you prefer a digital approach! There are .many helpful apps for cancer patients.
  • Find a partner, someone who can help you with specific tasks, be there for you when you need to talk openly and more. No one should fight cancer alone.

General Advice for Life with Cancer

  • Always ask for a second opinion, especially for treatment options. No matter how good your doctor is, seek a second opinion.
  • Make lifestyle changes that can significantly affect your overall mood and well-being: Focus on healthy eating, appropriate exercise or even just gentle movement and explore alternative therapies like yoga, meditation and massage to find what helps you feel your best.
  • Gather a support system involving people willing to help you out in any positive way.
  • Always remember – your life is not over. You are alive. Live your life despite your cancer.

Coming to Terms with a Cancer Diagnosis

Each cancer is different and affects every human differently. That means that your case is unique. Find ways of living comfortably and fully.

More than a thousand men and women diagnosed with cancer each year turn to our trusted team of cancer specialists. We encourage you to call us at 850-610-3743, ask us a question, or consult with us to get a second opinion, so you too can experience the difference.